nobody likes to read instruction manuals

Well, many people don't. So they often go unread. Science is naturally complex, and is rarely explained in a way people can use in actual conversation. Video allows us to easily bridge that gap between knowledge and understanding. There are many ways to effectively utilize video, and they can all be scaled to fit your needs.


Get your story out there:

Capture your events:

Maximize your investment in the events you host or the conferences you attend by giving yourself a tangible takeaway: footage and new content that can be weaved into your larger communications materials. Presentations, booth and floor footage, and KOL interviews can all be valuable enhancements to your post-event messaging, and help keep your website updated with fresh material.


Deliver your core message quickly and clearly:

A tried-and-true test of your core messaging strategy is the old "elevator pitch" test - or your ability to explain why what you’re doing is important in less than a minute. This concept is even more relevant online, where attention spans are short and time is a similarly hot commodity. A quick, inexpensive video on your homepage that clearly outlines your core message in your own words can definitely go a long way.


Animate your core technology or process:

If the best visualization of your core technology is currently a PPT slide, there may be a better approach. A video-based animation can help ensure your key processes are clearly visualized, consistently explained, and presented as impressively as possible. You can feature it on your site, circulate it as a link, or let it do the talking for you embedded into your presentation or looping at your conference booth.

Visualize your company's personality and culture:

If you’re looking to tell the world about what makes you tick, attract new talent or communicate your goals and message, there’s no better medium than video. Create a story around what makes you unique and let your team tell it in their own words. The end result will be a piece that can be used online, in presentations, or wherever you need an honest, genuine reflection of who you are and why you love showing up to work every day.


Let us help you tell your story.

And do it in a meaningful, memorable, and beautiful way.

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